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Venice Food Tour or Cafe/Bar Hop

I am 76 and will be spending 5 days in Venice in March. I have reservations at Restaurant Botin for dinner and also have a reservation for an evening walking tour that ends at a seafood osteria. I'm thinking of purchasing a ticket for a daytime food tour for $100 but am wondering if I should just explore on my own -- although I don't have the energy I use to have. Any recommendations?

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Have you been to Venice before? I'm asking because if this is a first time, having someone leading you thru the winding streets is rather pleasant.
Have a great trip, and I'm so glad you are going. Safe travels!

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Eating Italy added a Venice food tour this year. It’s either noon or early evening. I have taken their tours in London, Paris and Rome and plan to take Venice, Florence and Rome dinner tours this year.

As a solo traveler, I really don’t like eating alone. Food tours are a great way to meet people to share a meal and see parts of a city I may not visit otherwise.

I’ve been to Venice twice before; it’s my favorite city. With five nights/four days, i have lots of time to explore, get lost and see sights I hadn’t planned to see. For 2022 visit, I had two sightseeing tours scheduled but cancelled both and spent the most enjoyable day just wandering around.

FYI: Eating Europe usually has a Black Friday sale, 20% off gift cards which can be used for any tour(s). Something to think about when planning next year’s trips.

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Which tours exactly are you looking at if you don’t mind saying?
There are so many restaurants, small and large in Venice, it’s easy to find one to eat at. However, I understand not wanting to explore on your own, so tours are a great way to experience the city, especially Venice-one of the more complicated cities to navigate.
We often do just a walking tour of 2-3 hours in any city we visit for the first time. We had a great one through Guruwalks with Andrea-Hidden Venice. Helped for later navigation through the twists and turns.

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We are also on the lookout for a good food tour in Venice and I really appreciated seeing the insights, here. Thank you!