"Venice Card" pass worth the money?

3 days transport is 55.5 Euros.
Is this generally a good value?

What VENICEcard offers
Unlimited use of Actv public transport, including both land and water services
with privileged admission.

Posted by Leslie H
Northborough, MA
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The price you mentioned is for the Transport and Culture pass. There is a less expensive one for Transport only that is 33.5 Euros (online price - in person more).

We just decided that the Transport one is not worth it for us. A 72-hour ACTV pass is 31 Euros. We figured, if we got the pass ahead of time, and it could save us a trip to the Hellovenezia office when we arrive in Venice, the extra couple of Euros would be worth the convenience. (Plus, you get 2 free admissions per day to bathrooms with the VENICEcard, so there is somewhat added value.) But, even if you purchase on-line, you still have to pick the cards up at the same office that you can purchase a 72-hour ACTV pass.

I don't know whether you just looked, but the venicecard.com website was just updated yesterday. If you go through all the FAQs, they're helpful. If you have additional questions, I sent them an e-mail and got a quick response back.

I'm not sure I answered your question. Hopefully, this helps.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Thanks so much. I did look at the website today. Is it useful to have the card that includes free "public toilets"? Or were you able to find toilet facilites without much trouble?

Posted by Leslie H
Northborough, MA
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We haven't gone yet. We're going late next month. But, from what I understand, you can still use the public toilets. You just have to pay for them.

It's interesting that you're just now asking this, because my husband and I just did the analysis last night and decided to hold off and just get the ACTV tickets when we're there.

Good luck!

Posted by Doug
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I haven't seen anyone argue that it's worth it. Buy the ACTV pass for the duration of your trip and pay 1 euro to use the well-maintained public toilets. You can find the public toilets by following directional arrows on the pavement of the streets - there's one near Piazza San Marco (on the opposite side from the Basilica), near the Rialto, etc. There are also free ones at the train station and many of the museums and churches.

Posted by tami
tipton, IN, USA
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We just left Venice yesterday and I'll be honest... The Venice Card would have been a waste of money. We were on Via Toletta in Dorsoduro which was a perfect location. We walked nearly everywhere we wanted to go as we were only 5 minutes from the Accademia and 15 from San Marco. I have crohn's disease but I never once used a pay WC. Most of the major sites like the Accademia have a free one somewhere if you keep your eyes open.

As for the Actv, we bought a 24 hour pass for Thursday into Friday to see Rialto and points beyond. We didn't end up using it at much as planned because the boat gave my daughter a migraine. (If you're prone to them or to motion sickness TAKE PRECAUTIONS!!!) On Friday we rode it back to San Marco to take some more photos in the morning light and got caught by a strike. (This is another reason I wouldn't buy a big, expensive pass.) We had only an hour left on our pass and had just planned to go a few stops beyond our "home base" so it wasn't a big deal

Posted by tami
tipton, IN, USA
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Three more things... Go to San Marco in the afternoon. We arrived there about 13:30 and walked right in to the Basilica with no line and no crowd inside. When we were there on Friday am the lines were incredible. Also, leave your iron maiden T-shirt at home. We saw a guy get turned away.

Another thing, What they have to sell at San Marco they have 3 blocks away for half the price.

Last one, if you're prone to allergies take your meds. We all had what we dubbed the "Venice Hack." Once we were on the road to Florence it was gone. Must be all the mold.

Have a great time