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Venice and getting into St. Mark's Basilica


So, it's been eight years since we last visited Venice. One of my relatives plans to go there this summer. And last time, to get into St. Mark's Basilica, six of us in our RS tour group split into two groups of three, used the RS tip of turning in our bags a block away and getting ticket that let us jump the long line that wrapped around the other side of the entrance. Does this still work?


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Just buy a timed ticket from the official website:
and show up for your timed entry.

I strongly recommend adding the museum add on to your ticket since the museum is interesting and it adds access to the room terrace of the Basilica to look over the piazza. Personally I think the Pala d'Oro is only worth it if you're really into altars. You can add either of these ticket expansions inside the Basilica itself so it's not a decision you have to make now.

I know the Basilica has bag storage but I know it has also been closed at times, but I don't know about bag storage in the surrounding area.

Venice is amazing, enjoy,

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That bag locker has moved from what I understand and no longer works for skip the line anyway
Just get the timed entry
Be sure all shoulders and knees are covered-they are very strict

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Like I said, it's been a while. The online ticketing system wasn't around last time I was there. Thank you!

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Yeah things have changed over the years. Now that all major Italian sites have airport like security checks the "skip the line" tickets are largely a thing to entice tourists but the reality is no one skips the security line. Also because more places have the security checks more places have bag check area since many won't allow backpacks. Some are counter service but many are self check lockers.

The good news is that most places have timed tickets and the crowd control is good and things generally feel organized. This is also a different feeling in much of Italy. ;)
There are still some exceptions but if you are willing to plan in advance and sacrifice a little flexibility you should spend much less time in line on vacation and get to see all things on your "must see" list which is a win for everyone.

Have a great trip,

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We were just in Venice last week. I booked a timed entry ticket for St Mark's. Note that I booked several weeks in advance and there weren't a ton of time slots left at the time of booking. So do book sooner than later for the timed entry. Also, they give you a 30-minute + 5 minute padding to enter the basilica. Definitely arrive within your window. We saw someone who arrived just a few minutes outside of their padded window and they were not allowed in.

We were staying in Venice so didn't have luggage to store. Interestingly, I had expected them to request that my dad cover his knees because he was wearing shorts. However, no one said a word.