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Venice and Cruise Ships.

Having read quite a few recent articles on the August 1st ban on allowing Mega Cruise Ships to enter the Laguna di Venezia, I'm still confused as to what the resolution actually means.

Any ship over 25,000 tons, 115 feet tall, 591 feel long appears to be banned from the entire lagoon. These are being re-directed to dock at Monfalcone with the offer of a long bus ride to, and back from, Venice.

Ships smaller than this, if you can call a 590 foot, 114 foot tall ship "smaller," will be allowed in the lagoon, but re-directed to Marghera. The future of the Venice Cruise Line Port, Terminal Crociere, is noticably missing from any article I've read so far aside from a few statements such as "Cruise ships will no longer be able to dock in Venice."

The confusing part is that there are very few operational cruise ships under 25,000 tons. Cruise lines scapped all their "smaller ships." And the ones that were left, were mostly schedualled to be scapped in the near future due to the pandemic. So what is going to dock at Marghera once they have spent millions of dollars improving that port to accomodate cruise ships?

Can someone in Venice tell us what's going on?

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I was scheduled to cruise on MSC in October from Venice, and was informed that dur to changes, all cruises would still 'leave' from Venice cruise port as in the check in, processing, health checks, luggage collection, then they would bus us 90 minutes to Manfalcone to board ship for 2022 year, they will sail from Trieste. Not sure what the future of the Port Terminal will be in the future. Not sure they can even make it a viable business for the few ships small enough to comply.