venice airports

Has anyone flown into the Trevisio Airport instead of the Marco Polo Airport in Venice? I am finding a fantastic price(less than half) to go to Trevisio instead and there are 5 of us, so it's a great discount. Any tips?

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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Yes, I flew into Treviso a few years ago. Things may have changed some, but I bought a ticket at a booth and took a shuttle bus into Venice. It took an hour or so and wasn't expensivemaybe 5-7Eu. Most of the people on the flight will be going into Venice, so you can just "follow the crowd."

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Susan, sounds like you may be flying Ryan Air. Great fares but carefully read their travel conditions and weight limits. Also observe their rules on check in times. And, when they say one carryon item, they mean it. Your special fare often increases with the special fees. But, many travelers have great experiences with Ryan Air. As for your question, there is a train station at Treviso. It's not at the airport so you will have to make your way to the train station. I haven't done this but I bet there is a bus from the airport to the train station. It's a 45min train ride from Treviso to Venezia Santa Lucia. Fare is 2.85Euro. There is also a bus from Treviso to Venice-Mestre (mainland) where you can transfer to a train for the 11-minute ride into Venice.