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Venice Airport Hours/Transportation To

My fiance and I have a flight leaving Vencie at 6:50 AM. How early is the Marco Polo airport open? How early should we get there? And what are our transportation options at that hour in the morning? Are vaporetta's even running that early?

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Bill, as stated, the Alilaguna runs early so you should be able to catch that (takes over an hour) for 12 Euro.

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We had a flight that left at 6:30 am. It takes about an hour on the Alilugna and 20 minutes by water taxi then a 10 minute ride to the airport.

We needed to be at the Airport by 5:30 at the latest to get checked in. Eventually a group of us took a water taxi because the Alilugna did not run early enough to get us there in time.

The check in counters were open at 5:00 when we got there. All the other things open around 6:00.

It will not be cheap, but at least it will guarantee that you will get there in time for your flight. Remember to make sure that you have transportation from the water taxi drop off point to the Airport. We had not pre-arranged anything and were lucky to catch a van. Otherwise it was a fairly long walk.

Have a wonderful time.

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I had a 6:10 AM to Amsterdam and got to the aiport around 5 AM and was fine. I don't think the airport even opens until after 4:30. See if bus #5 is running that early.

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You really need to be at the airport early. We had an early flight to Paris and then home and the lines to check in and then especailly securtiy were long. Be sure to leave yourself enought time. We took the water taxi. It was fun because we never got a gondola ride. It was our splurge you could say. We were quoted 90 euros by our hotel, but the guy charged us 100 because it was "early". Ask before you get on if you do that, I guess. It was worth it for us because of luggage, etc. When we got to the water taxi airport spot. A guy quoted us 20 Euros each to take us by by van right to the airport or it was a 10 minutes walk by the signs. We were tired and used up our last Euros and he took us and our bags to the Air France check in and then we waited in line. Our hotel was not too far from St. Marc's. A guy from the hotel took us right to were the water taxi was waiting for us. Saw water Ambulances, trash pick up boats, School kids, etc. It was an interesting boat ride.

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Bill, we were just there and the Alilaguna did not start until around 7am. Even then they take there own sweet time to get started. If you need to be at the airport that early take a water taxi, but be prepared to pay around 100 euro. If the water taxi lets you off near where the public boats let you off it is only a 10 minute walk to the airport and you can rent carts to push your luggage. Yes the airport is open, but have your host call them to make sure. You could also have your host check on the best way to get there at that time. Just remember Venitians like our money.

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Bill from ID -

There are several Alilaguna lines. Which one did you take? Their website clearly states there are boats that depart as early as 4:00am. So if this is new news, we should contact them to verify.