Have never been to Venice but will be arriving on a Sunday, (VCE 9AM). We have booked the Hotel Belle Arti but don't know how to get from airport to hotel. Will be taking cruise ship on Tues so also need directions from hotel to cruise port. Don't know if we should get 2 or 3 day pass on water taxi. Any suggestions/comments appreciated and welcomed!

Posted by Roberto
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From the airport you could do the following: Water Taxi: from the airport to your hotel in Dorsoduro is Euro 110 (the water taxis can transport up to 15 people). This website gives the names of the water taxi companies (lower right). If you enter those names in google will probably lead you to their respective websites. The official water taxi fares set by the City of Venice are below ( the PDF file in "inglese" =english) Another, cheaper, option is the Alilaguna. A boat shuttle service from the airport. The line that goes closest to your hotel is either the blue or orange line. All info is in the website below. You can see fares and even buy tickets online from the website. The cost for one way is only Euro 8 per person one way. To see where your hotel is exactly go to their website under location. I already checked, it's in the Dorsoduro sestiere (Venice is divided into 6 districts called Sestieri). It's kind of far to walk to the cruise terminal from your hotel, especially if you have luggage. The Cruise terminal is very close to Piazzale Roma. Go to Google Map and enter: piazzale roma, venezia. The terminal is to the west of the piazzale, between the piazzale and Tronchetto island. you can easily see if if you choose the Satellite view. The easiest way from your hotel is a water taxi. Ask your hotel where the closest water taxi stop is and take it from there. You could also take a vaporetto (ferry bus service), however I wouldn't recommend it if you have a lot of heavy luggage.

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2 ways to get to your hotel. 1) Take the Alilaguna B boat from the airport to Zattare, then go back 2 stops on the vaporetto to Spirito Santo stop and then walk a couple of blocks to the hotel. 2) Take the bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma, then board either the No 1 or No 2 vaporetto to Accademia, walk the 3 blocks to your hotel. To get to the cruise terminal, take the Alilaguna B boat from Zattare. 12 minute ride. And get the three day Vaporetto pass. You can get one with a oneway bus/vaporetto ride from the airport included. Alilaguna is a separate company and requires separate tickets. Don't confuse them with water taxis which are private VERY expensive boats.

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Thanks for the help, printed info out so will do some research! Many thanks again.

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to Zattare, then go back 2 stops on the vaporetto to Spirito Santo stop and then walk a couple of blocks to the hotel. If you are talking about the Hotel Belle Arti which I have walked past many times and which is next to the Don Orione religious guesthouse, when you get off at Zattare just walk up the rio terre maybe 75 metres and the hotel will be on the left, with its very nice garden and warm interior. The hotel has some information on reaching it on its webpage. If you zoom in on their map you will see that the lane the hotel is on, the rio terre, is a short north/south lane with no bridges. The southern end of it is at the Zatarre vaporetto stop, the northern end very nearly at the Accademia stop. Your hotel is just about mid-way between them, really well located.