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venice 4 nights

Does anyone think 4 nights is to long for Venice?

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Sure - people who don't like it (and yes, they do exist). For everyone else, even if you want to "escape" from Venice proper, you can go to Murano, Burano, Torcello, or Padova easily (Vicenza and Verona are also doable, if farther).

How long is your total trip, and where else are you going? While 4 nights there allows you to relax and see outlying islands, you can see Venice in less time if you have to. The most special thing about Venice is the atmosphere; even one night (two if it's your first stop from the US) will give you that, but of course, more time allows you to get off the beaten path more easily.

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7 nights in London.....Already booked nights
2 days ? no plans
4 nights Venice......Already Booked nights
2 Days ? no plans
4 Nights in Florence......Already Booked nights

also want to go to Naples Pompeii Rome

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No. Depending on your time of arrival and departure, four nights usually winds up being only three full days and perhaps part of another. One can easily spend twice that amount of time in Venice and not run out of things to see and do.

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That is a sort of minimal time for Venice. At least one day should be spent aimlessly wandering from the center as far as the islands will take you. The most photogenic and interesting sights are away from San Marco.

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No! When you tire of the day-time crowds, you can escape to one of the other islands or take a day trip elsewhere in the Veneto (or beyond). There are an almost endless supply of cultural sites in Venice but if you feel the need, you can escape to the surrounding area and find plenty to do. The best part of Venice is the evening and early morning crowd-free times before the day-trippers arrive and after they leave. That is when Venice is the most beautiful.

For a nice day trip, I recommend taking the fast train to Vicenza to see the Teatro Olimpico then backtracking to Padova (Padua) for lunch and sightseeing there. It's about 35 minutes on the fast train to Vicenza and about 30 minutes by regional from Vicenza to Padua and another 30 minutes by regional from Padua back to Venice. Vicenza is very walkable from the train station to the centro storico while Padua has a convenient tramline that links the train station with the old center of town.

If you really appreciate early renaissance artwork, you'll want to check out the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. Just remember, however, you must reserve an entrance time in advance.

If you are visiting late spring though early autumn, a day trip into the Dolomite Mountains may also be worthwhile.

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I think you will be glad that you choose to stay 4 nights in Venice.

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I have been to Venice 5 times and spent a total of 15 days there and I want to go back. I have been to Giudecca, the Lido, San Giorgio, Burano, Murano, and even Mestre.

I agree, get up early at least one morning, like 5:30 or 6:00. Just pick a place to watch the city come to life, it is spectacular to see how they have adapted to the unique situations the place presents. Simple things, like delivering food to restaurants, or ambulances and fire trucks (boats), etc. It is pretty darn cool Then, evening walks all around. Stroll through Cannaregio around 7pm and watch Venetian families play soccer in the local piazzas. It doesn't get any better.

I will bet, after 4 days, you want to go back too.

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I agree with all of the past comments. I especially recommend exploring beyond St. Marks. Just walk, and try to get lost, and soak in the atmosphere. I have been there three times, and the best time was the last time, because we spent a whole day just walking, and exploring the areas where the crowds are thinner. The thrill of not knowing exactly where you are, or where you are going is enticing. And don't worry. How lost can you get? It is not that big.

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I'm wondering what you'll do for the two unplanned days in between London and Venice. Flying between those two cities is a good value for time and money, so I think you'd make the extra stop quite close to one of those. Maybe visit Brighton and then fly out of Gatwick, or visit Cambridge and fly from Stansted, etc. Or else fly to Venice but stay in Padova the first two nights (direct bus runs from Venice airport), before moving back to Venice proper.

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Anyone who thinks 4 nights in Venice is "too long", needs to be put in a padded room for their own safety