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Vatican Tour - Angel Tours

We have not heard back from the Vatican regarding the museum reservation so I am going to Plan B. It seems that Angel Tours sounds like a fun tour but we would be interested in the afternoon tour but their website says that this tour does not guarantee bypassing the line but that they usually do. Has anyone done the afternoon with Angel Tours and what has your experience been - good, bad, entertaining, passing the line or not? Any other comments regarding Angel Tours are welcome also!


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My husband & I will be in Rome in a few weeks and are using Angel Tours for a Vatican tour. The afternoon 2:00 tour has now been changed to 1:30. We chose the afternoon tour due to the crowds that seem to be there in the a.m. We are hoping that by that time the line will move quickly. There are also better days to tour the Vatican (less crowds). Thursday being one of them which is when we have our reservation.

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we did the morning tour with angel alex in early april. we though it was worth every penny. passed all the lines and the tour was very imformative. good luck:):)

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We just returned from Rome on May 17th and we loved Angel Tours!!! We did the Walking Night Tour which goes from the Spanish Steps down to the Trevi Fountain ending at the Campo de Fiori with Angel Tom. Then we did the morning Vatican Tour & Sistine Chapel the next day (Thursday)with Angel Tom again. We found that it was less crowded and we did bypass the lines. On Friday morning we did the Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour with Angel Jimmy. These guys were very knowledgable and entertaining. We booked and paid ahead online, so all we had to do was get to the meeting point established when they confirmed our dates and times etc. You cannot go wrong with Angel Tours. We had a great time!

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We just returned from Rome and took the Angel Tours Vatican tour on Tuesday afternoon. It was great and well worth the money. We did have to stand in line a short time but were well pleased in all respects.

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I did the Vatican tour last year with Angel tours and really enjoyed it. They are young, energetic guides who know their stuff and make the tours really interesting - not stuffy and boring as if they are reading from a guide book. I also did the night walking tour last week with Angel Tom who was just great. He's a lovely, cute guy and happily shared restaurant tips and lots of interesting anecdotes about Rome you wouldn't read in any guide book.

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Prior to our trip to Rome at the end of April 2008,we made arrangements with Angel Tours for both the morning at the Colosseum and the afternoon Vatican Tour. To our disappointment and annoyance, the guides failed to show up for either tour and never contacted us with an explanation. Fortunately, we were able to make arrangements for a tour of the Vatican with Mike at Icon Tours which was excellent, and which we would highly recommend.

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Some tour companies have a relationship with the Vatican that allows them to skip the general queue. This arrangement allows them to enter in the morning - not the afternoon, that's why the afternoon tour cannot guarantee you will skip the queue but this tour costs less than the morning tour. The Vatican museum has the longest lines early in the morning so you should encounter little to no line in the afternoon. The tour companies schedule their tours at times to spend the least amount of time waiting to get in. Angel Tours receives excellent reviews from people with multiple posts on the boards.

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This has been a valuabel discussion thread - I just finished reading Rick Steve's Italy guidebook (I leave June 13). I will check out Angel tours now that I have read a number of people had a great experience!! Thanks to everyone for their input.

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My husband and I took an Vatican/Angel Tour about 2 weeks ago. It was at 1:30pm. We were very pleased. We only waited about 10 minutes, went in through a different line, purchased our tickets and started the tour. It lasted 4 hours and was very interesting. We only had 6 people in our group. I would definitely recommend. Their meeting place was easy to find and they were prompt in emailing our confirmation.

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A person sent a post saying our guides did not show and that they contacted us but we did not reply. This is not true, I have a feeling it was a competitor.
If and when I am alerted to negitive comments made about Angel Tours I do not reply if they are real, I just leave it there as no one is perfect and a service let down can happen.
But if I know the event did not happen I do reply saying so on all and any boards around the world.

So Far in the last 3 yrs we have never had a "no show"
Its not possible
At all meeting points we have at least two guides, then our person who waits for late comers, it cant be possible that all 3 did not show up.

Sean T Angel Tours

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Good for you Sean, posting a reply. It's a shame someone would make a false post like that.

I have two tours with your company set up in just a couple weeks. So far your staff has been superb at responding to my many emails and questions with prompt and courteous responses. We can't wait to take the tours!

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We did the afternoon tour with Angel tours and had no wait at all. It was absolutely wonderful! Jimmy was our tour guide and he was so fun and knowledgeable. I would highly highly recommend it!