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Vatican Tickets

Viator just cancelled our vatican tour tickets right before our trip. I am stressed and very dissapointed as this was my main reason for going to Rome. Can someone please tell me where I can get other tickets(the best company to go with) or how I can get in once I'm there?
I know there is construction due to the jubilee. Thank you so much.

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The problem with 3rd party sellers is that they sell you something they don't actually have, but they hope to secure tickets. When they don't secure the tickets, they cancel. Lots of conversations on this forum about these kinds of experiences (not the Vatican, but for other sites in Europe) . So unfortunate this happened to you. Hope you find an alternative.

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Try one of these:*oicyem*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsqb2ya7yhgMVQTYIBR1-DA1mEAAYASAAEgKOXPD_BwE

There have been reports of some of these companies cancelling their Colosseum underground tours but I haven't read the same for the Vatican, Let's just say that I don't recall any on this forum, anyway When you booked with Viator, what was the name of the actual company who was conducting the tour (Viator doesn't operate them; they're a 3rd party clearing house)?

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Are you speaking about the museum or the church? You don't need tickets to get into the church just arrive very early as you will be waiting in a line (guide or not, skip the line or not) melting into your shoes unless it's winter. J

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GetYourGuide is great!!! We skipped all the loooong lines…
We did Vatican yesterday… the guide was amazing!!! She knew so much about Italy. History. The Vatican. Religion and Art!!!
Yes, there are few parts covert it but is not that bad…
Was great!!!

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Get Your Guide is also a third party reseller
They don’t actually operate any tours

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Exactly. And to my knowledge the only parts affected by restoration are in St. Peter's and not in the museums. Shelly, I'm 99% sure your cancelled tour was for the museums?