Vatican Museum Tickets for very small children

I'm traveling to Rome soon with a small group that will include a two year old child and we are wanting to visit the Vatican Museum. On the Vatican Museum website, prices are listed for ages 6 and above, I believe. What about kids 5 years and under? Do they need tickets? Thanks in advance for your replies.

Posted by janettravels44
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This is a very tough museum for a toddler; it is incredibly crowded -- wall to wall line heading for the Sistine Chapel and the Chapel itself is shoulder to shoulder. It will be something of a nightmare for a small child; plan on holding the child through most of this. Once in the grinder there is no easy exit. I don't know if strollers are allowed but they would be hazardous so I would hope not.

Versailles Chateau and the Vatican Museums are two places I would not go with a toddler.