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Vatican Museum - no waiting?

My husband and I would like to see the Vatican Museum without a two hour wait on Saturday, 8 Sept 2007. We tried a week ago to reserve the Vatican Tour, but we were faxed that it is full that day. I'm wondering if we tried to make a reservation for the Vatican Garden tour (assuming it isn't also full) if we could just use it as a means of "quick entry" to the Vatican Museum, skipping the gardens and visiting the museum instead? Has anyone ever gone on the garden tour and, if so, do you think we could do that since the tour meeting place for the garden tour is at the Museum desk? We're leaving this Thursday (8/30), so any advice you can give quickly is greatly appreciated!

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I don't know the answer to your specific question, but I thought I would pass along a suggestion. We ended up getting tickets through the Vatican, but my back-up plan was to book through the following site: They say that you get tickets for a time before the museum opens to everyone else, with no wait. You pay the same as the Vatican guided tour, but it isn't really a guided tour-just the ability to enter without waiting. I read on another site (fodor's maybe?) that this strategy/company had worked for someone. Just to be clear-I did not use this company myself, so can't give a personal recommendation.

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Thanks for your quick reply, Kathy. Your tip would be great except we won't be arriving at the train station in Rome until 9am that morning... so the earliest we could be at the Vatican is probably 10am.