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Vatican Museum
Anyone experience the new hours at the Vatican Museum. Looks like 10am for the general public not on a organized tour. Any thoughts on how early you need to be there to ensure you get in and dont spend hours in line or worse get shut out. Any comments thanks

Posted by Regina
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It seems as though the new regulations have done nothing but make matters worse. A real bummer. Anyway lines are still pretty bacd first thing in the morning and get much better at around 11:30. I suggest a tour that leaves around then. Have a look at Highly recommended, they won't get you past the line but will make sure you are entertained while waiting :)
Good luck!

Posted by Helen
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I have just come back from Rome and visited the Vatican. I went on a Tuesday and the Vatican had been closed for 2 days and so there were more people than usual. Our guide told us Tuesday is usually the quieter day. Anyway it took about 40 - 45 minutes. I was surprised how the queue kept moving along. I went with Angel tours and highly recommend them. Excellent tour and very well priced. Check out their website.

Posted by Susan Vander Hoek
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
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Last week, my family and I were at the Vatican Museum and St Peter's and we followed again, Rick Steves' advice. Tour St Peter's in the morning, then go and enjoy a nice lunch around the Vatican area and then get in line for the Vatican Museum around 1:00 or so. His tip worked for us last week and in October, 2006. My family waited maybe 10-15 minutes in line.

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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The afternoon is usually best--the line is short and, I've found, moves fast. Your morning could be better spent than waiting in line.

Posted by Laurie
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Has anyone tried to take the guided tour offered by the Vatican itself? The Rome book states that they are offered 3 times a day at 10:30, 12 and 2. Unfortunately the only way to book is by fax and then only 1 month or less is advance.

Price according to the website is EUR 23.50 - anyone know if it is worth the extra EUR 10?

Also seems that the 2 pm time would be best?

Thanks for any advice!