Vatican Gardens Tour

Hi, My wife and I are heading to the Vatican for the day and want to see the Vatican Gardens, museums, basilica, and sistine chapel. We looked at all the options and it seems that if we book a guided tour of the gardens (which we'd like to do) would give us access to the gardens and the museums (with audio guide). But, does this option include the sistine chapel and basilica? Otherwise, it seems I'd have to book both gardens tour, and then book the basilica/chapel on top of everything else. Please let me know what the best thing to do is. Sincerely, Taylor

Posted by donna
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Taylor, if you read the conditions for booking the Vatican gardens it clearly states that you get entry to the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel. The Basilica is a church and is free to enter. A tour of the Vatican Garden is unique, as it takes the visitor through 2000 years of history. Besides the natural beauty of the gardens, the Vatican City is rich in monuments and precious works of art. Duration of the tour is about 2 hours.
The ticket also enables the visitors to continue, on their own, a tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Donna

Posted by Kat
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The garden tour gets you access to the Musei Vaticani, which includes the Sistine Chapel. Access to the Basilica is free and does not require a ticket. I've been on the Vatican Gardens tour, and I have to say it was kind of a mixed bag. It's the ONLY way to see the gardens, so it's absolutely worth the time and money, but I didn't feel like the tour guide actually knew much about the various garden features or the history of their construction. I wanted to learn more about the Fontana dell'Aquilone and the Villa Pia, but instead I ended up hearing about how John Paul II liked to jog in the gardens, and that Benedict XVI really likes roses. (Well, I guess I now know what to send the Pope Emeritus on Valentine's Day.)