Vatican and Colosseum or castel de angelo

Hi! We are taking a cruise through Italy in August. We are a family of 5 - Two adults and three kids ages 11, 7, and 6. Our cruise will be in Italy from 7Am to 7:30PM. I already have fast train tickets to Rome stopping near the Vatican at around 10AM. We also have reserved tickets for the Vatican Museums at 12noon We plan on seeing the Vatican first and then going to the museums / Sistine chapel at 12. We have to be back to the train station near the Vatican to return to our Cruise ship at 4:40PM. Do you think we will have enough time to do the Colosseum / Forums or should we stick near the Vatican and do the Castel de Angelo? Remember we have three kiddos with us! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

Posted by Pam
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Greta, do you mean you purchased train tickets in advance from Civitavecchia to Rome? If not, due to the limited time, I would get off the ship before as early as possible and take a taxi straight to the Coloseum because it is a sight not to be missed (we were just there last week with our 3 kids, ages 13, 11, and 10). You may want to consider the Coloseum Underground Tour as our entire family loved'll need to book it in on this forum as other folks have already described in detail how to make reservations. If you go early, you'll be able to make your Vatican reservations at noon. On another note, my kids were completely bored with the Vatican and the
Forum, but they absolutely loved the Coloseum and gelato! Feel free to PM me if you need more info. We also cruised on this trip so I may be able to give you other pointers for other ports you may be visiting.

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I am a little concerned with your logistics. I was unaware of any fast train stopping near the Vatican. Thought it was only the Regional trains that stop there. I will look at the schedule later. There is very little to see at/in the Castel de Angelo. It will be very hot and crowded especially for the museum/Sistine chapel. By the time you are through with the Vatican and the chapel, have a little lunch, walk by the fountain and the Pantheon and head for the train station. Saw the Colosseum for the next trip.

Posted by Michael
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We might as well get the name right. It's Castel Sant'Angelo, not de Angelo.