Vaporetto Passes

Hello, When you purchase a vaporetto pass (24, 48 hour etc), does the clock start ticking from the time of purchase or the first time you use it? I can't seem to find an answer on the actv website or the guidebook. I used the 72 hour pass last visit but we bought it right before getting on the boat for our first ride. This time we may not be getting on until we're at an unmanned stop. Which I guess brings me to my second question: can you buy the passes at the ticket machines at every stop vs. staffed ticket booths? Thanks so much, Jodi

Posted by Katherine
Philadelphia, PA, United States
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We got our pass online weeks before we used it, so obviously the clock ticked from the first use. I don't know about getting passes from machines.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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From the first time you swipe it before you get on a boat. I don't remember seeing any ticket vending machines - there may be some but I've never noticed any.

Posted by Jodi
Mountain House
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I didn't realize that I could buy them online. Thank you, I will look into that!