Valid IDs???

I have made several reservations and they said that I would need an ID to pick up the tickets. Is a photocopy of my passport enough or do I need to bring the original passport or my drivers license? I would prefer not to be carrying my passport with me and leave it in the safe at the hotel (along with ATM/credit cards). Thanks Don

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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A photocopy of passport is not a valid id. In fact it is pretty useless for anything other proving to the US consulate that you once had a passport. It is safer to have your passport on you in a money belt (if you don't need to use it) than a hotel safe. In some countries you are required to carry id and a passport is the only thing that proves you are legally in the country.

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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You are legally required to carry your passport with you in Italy if you are not a citizen. A photocopy will not do. Just carry them in a money belt and you'll be fine Donna

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Why would you be leaving your ATM and credit cards in the hotel safe? When are you planning on using them? Sounds as if you need a money belt or neck pouch. As for your question about the reservations, showing them a drivers license would probably be plenty. They just want to make sure the right person picks up the tickets. FWIW, some museums ask to hold a piece of ID if you take an audioguide. In those cases, I give them an expired drivers license and they're fine with that. (It was a suggestion by an Italian teacher.)

Posted by Don
Santa Fe, NM, USA
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I usually pay cash for what I buy, so I do not need to carry my ATM cards (I usually bring 3) or credit cards (2) with me all of the time. We always seem to have a problem at one place or another with at least one of the cards (not always the same card)....that's why we carry multiple cards. Those along with the cash are quite bulky. I used to carry everything with me until someone tried to pick-pocket me on the Barcelona metro. But, alas, I was quite a bit younger and faster then. He would have gotten everything if I was not fast enough and fairly street-wise. I find money belts quite uncomfortable if I carry everything in them. I have visited countries throughout Asia, Europe(including Russia), the Middle East, Great Britain and the Americas (North, Central and South) and have never been asked by anyone to see my passport (except where expected). Anyway, that is why I would rather use a safe, and never had a problem leaving my stuff in them.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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A drivers license should be fine and is easier to carry than a passort. I assume you mean museum tickets, so they just want to verify you are the person that reserved the tickets.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Don I hate moneybelts also, but always bring my ID, cards and cash with me. I tried an over-the-shoulder, inside your shirt "neck purse", but finally settled on a "inside-the-pants billfold". Awesome! A billfold with a strap that attaches to your belt, and that you wear in your pants directly under your front pocket. You just grab the strap, pull it out, access your money, then discretely tuck it back in.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Photo ID is what you need, so a driver's license is fine. Check if they also need to see the credit card you used to make the reservation. Sometimes they do. I also leave my passport and ATM/cc's in the safe, unless I think I will need any of them during the day.