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Using The Roma Pass

My Wife and I will be visiting Rome in early October and had a couple of questions about using the Roma Pass. We were going to use the Roma Pass for our admissions to the Borghese Gallery and the Coliseum and use
Tickitaly for making reservations at the Borghese Gallery. However it is not clear how to take advantage of the free admissions when using the Tickitaly reservation system. Do we purchase the tickets to the gallery on-line and then receive a refund there? Can anyone tell me how it
works. The Roma Pass website does not give any details about this.

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You can make reservations at the Borghese Gallery without paying anything in advance. I believe Tickitaly charges for reservations. I used this website:

They confirmed the reservation by email. You actually pay for the tickets at the Borghese when you arrive, and can use your Roma Pass at that time. We did exactly that and it worked fine.

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We just did this in July. Make your reservation directly with the Borghese. You only make a reservation, no payment involved. You will receive an email from them with your admission date and time. Print it and take it with you to the gallery. We bought our Roma Pass at Palatine Hill and used it for both Palatine Hill & the Colliseum. Then we used it at the Borghese. The Borghese reservation said to arrive 30 minutes early but we got there with only 5 min to spare (because we got lost!). It was no problem.

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Kathy's advice is correct. We used the same website to make our free reservations. Note the two blocks and starting times of the reservation. You will be sent an email confirming your time block, date and number in your party and a reservation number. Print that out and bring it with you to the Galleria.

At the Galleria Borghese, go to the ticket desk in the basement (center door beneath the staircase) and show the cashiers your reservation number and your Roma Passes. You will pay only for the reservation fee. They will issue you the entrance tickets.

You will have to check your bags in the free check.
If you arrive early, you can eat something in the basement cafe or peruse the gift shop while you wait. We had a picnic lunch out on the grounds in front.
They will ring a bell outside about ten minutes before the entrance time and you go queue up.
2 hours is more than adequate to see the museum. If you don't rent the audio tour, there is a placard in each room that describes the art

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Thank you all!

It is unfortunate that Roma Pass is not more clear. All of you have been a great deal of help. thaks again!

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I love this travelers' helpline ! We will also be in Rome early Oct. and everytime we have a question, it seems to come up ! I have not been able to find out what the discount is using the Roma Pass , so can't figure out if it is worth purchasing. Can someone answer this ? many thanks..

Arroyo Grande, Ca

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We used the Roma Pass in July. You get your first two admissions free, and depending on what you see first, this could practically cover the price of the pass (Borghese and Coloseum/Palatine are two higher priced admissions). Also take into account that you get free transportation for three days (busses and metro). We found the discount was not large after the first two free. I can't remember each place specifically, but it seems like on tickets that were 6-8 euro, we got 1-2 euro off admission. I felt like the price of the pass was a good deal for us, but it may not be for eveyone. In case you are trying to calculate, we found every admission a little more expensive than even the 2007 RS book quoted.

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Since the Borghese Gallery has admission limits, you may still want to book a time with them and take the e-mail confirmation with you when you show up half an hour before your slot with your Roma pass....just in case they reach their limit before you arrive. Book reservations directly at their website,