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Using ROMA PASS at Colosseum Turnstile

The combo ticket for the Colosseum and Palatine Hill is valid for two days, one entry per site, according to Rick's book.

My question is, if I use the Roma Pass at the Colosseum turnstile (one of my first two sites, so it's free), explore the Colosseum, but then I don't explore Palatine Hill until the next does that work exactly?

Do I get some sort of ticket at the turnstile that will then be valid at Palatine Hill? Or will I just be able to use my Roma Pass at Palatine Hill and get in free the next day?


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We used the Roma Pass for the Colosseum as our 2nd Free entry, on a Monday. Then afterwords we went to Palantine Hill to get in, but the scan would not let us in. We were told to go to the ticket booth at Palatine Hill, and the ticket agent put a sticker on our Roma pass which the turnstile worker then let us in. I suppose you could get in Palantine Hill the day after your entry into the Colossum. ( 2nd Day )

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Whether you buy a Roma Pass or a Combo ticket just for the BIG 3 (Colosseo, Forum, Palatine Hill), unless your ticket malfunctions you just insert it into the turnstile and you're in. If you go to the Colosseo on Day 1, you cannot go back to the Colosseo on Day 2... One per entry location....

Of course, if you do the Palatine Hill entry on Day 1, then walk down into the Forum, you CAN DO the Forum Entry on Day 2 and walk UP to Palatine. The Colosseo has a spearate entrance so this will not work there!

When you go into the Colosseo, after clearing the XRAY, stay in the MIDDLE LANE all the way to the turnstiles. This is for pre-paid tickets AND usually the shorter of all lines! Good Luck!

Ron in Rome

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So Ron, I can use the Roma Pass to enter the Colosseum on Day 1 (as free entry), and then use it again on Day 2 at Palatine Hill entrance and get in free?