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Using public phones in Italy

I will need to use a public phone in Italy to phone the places that I will be staying. How does one use the public phone. Someone told me that you need to buy 2 cards to use the phone? Anyone know? Thank you!!!

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Go to the newspaper stand or tobacco shop. You are after a telephone card. It will have a magnetic strip. Look for this logo on it: They are usually sold in a 5 euro denomination. The payphones that take these cards have some orange coloration, like the symbol on the card. Look at the card. One corner breaks off. you insert it in the card slot and it will suck it in when you get it right. enter the desired phone number, it will display and is essentially asking you if this is the number you want. Then press the enter or OK button and the call will attempt. Their 'ring' is really a tone. Now, when the call is finished DONT FORGET TO TAKE THE CARD. I forgot a couple times. It seems there are people there who do the same as here...we look for coins in the phone, they look for forgotten cards. If used for long distance they expire faster. When the allotment runs out your call will end abruptly!. There are still a lot of payphones left, vs a rapidly decline in USA