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Upon Arrival at FCO Rome airport

I am arriving at the FCO airport at 11:20 am at Terminal C. My daughter is arriving at the FCO airport at 12:00 pm, Terminal A, on the same day. At the airport where would be a place to meeting after we arrive??
Thank you.

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My assumption is you're going to be taking the train into the main (Roma Termini) station. There are some benches at the airport train station so I'd suggest going over there, buying 2 tickets, then wait on the benches. Or you could rest outside for a bit and then go in as her arrival becomes closer and get the tix. 40 minutes isn't long, and as in any train station or public place keep a good eye on your luggage. When your D arrives, get on the next train to Termini (and remember to validate your ticket along the passage to the train.

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If you haven't been to the airport before the terminals are quite close to each other. If you are going into Rome by train then the above is a good suggestion. If you are getting a shuttle or something similar then meet as the shuttle meeting point. That should be the best way to avoid missing each other.