Updated Trenitalia Schedule

Hi all! Just an FYI, Trenitalia has d it's calendar. Just bought super economy tickets from Florence to Rome for the end of June (€9). Not sure how far into the future it goes, but for anyone who was waiting, it's here!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Thanks for posting. I'm not going to Italy now, but so many others were clearly in need of this! And while the word "update" itself may post, variations on it won't post unless you break it up or mispell it. The same is true of "select" and a few others. So, Trenitalia has upd-ated their schedules.

Posted by Monique
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Wow Harold, that is so weird! I have been trying to edit that "d" for the past 5+ minutes and it wouldn't let me. Now I understand! But yes, Harold is right (thanks!). The schedule has been up-dated.