underground tour of Colosseum

I read the threads regarding purchasing underground Colosseum tour tickets and see how to do that with the wonderful guidance online from this site. I like Donna's suggestion about touring the Colosseum in the afternoon so that we can avoid touring the Forum and Palatine Hill in the heat of the day. The underground tour I am looking at is at 14:40. We have to pick the tickets up at the Colosseum. Can we go there early in the day and get our tickets , leave and tour the other sites and then return to the Colosseum for our tour time? We want to see all of these sights on the same day. Much thanks,

Posted by James
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We did the Underground tour in Jan 2013. When we arrived at 14:15 we just showed the guard our receipt and he let us in to the staging area. There are no tickets involved. We never made it to the Forum and Hill. FYI once the tour is over you are free to wander the Colosseum (we stayed until 17:00)

Posted by donna
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Sharon, if you want to tour the foruma and palatine hill before the colosseum you need to book tickets a little differently. First, go to the official website: http://www.coopculture.it/en/ticket.cfm?office=Colosseo&id=2 Use the "print at home" option to buy your entry tickets. This will give you tickets in hand that can be used at any time of the day. After you have bought your entry tickets you will then need to call to book just the underground tour. The number to call is 011 39 06 399 67 700 Let the operator know you just need to book the underground tour and not the entry tickets. This will cost you 9 euros each. When they ask for an address they mean an email address. It's necessary to do this because the guards have not been letting people in before their tour times in order to pick up their tickets. This way you'll have the entry tickets and can visit the forum and palatine hill when you choose and then go to the colosseum in time for your tour. The call is very fast and easy to make. Just be sure to call during Italian business hours. Donna

Posted by Sharon
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Since we are going to walk around the Forum before our underground tour of the Colosseum, I purchased our tickets online from Omniticket and printed them out at home. I then called Pierreci to schedule the underground tour. The operator was pleasant and it all seemed to work out when I gave her the date and time of the english tour we wanted, letting her know we already had tickets to get in. Later I received an email in Italian from "X-Pay@cartasi.it" with reference to Piereci and the amount of 18 Euros, along with a code. No reference to date or time of tour. Does this seem right or am I missing something? Do I just show up with this "code"? I would love to hear if this sound like it will work! Thanks,