Underground Coliseum tour

I hope someone can help me with the following: I've gone to the website for the underground coliseum tour (www.ticketclic.it) and ed the "collect onsite" in order to purchase, however there is no indication which language the tour is conducted (I think in one of the prior messages there had been an indication that one needed to the language). There is a guided tour- eng (colosseum) or underground tour. I'm purchasing for tour in early July, and I don't think that they would have sold out of the English underground tours already? Also, would you suggest the tour in the morning or afternoon? Since these are to be collected onsite, where does one pick them up/ is there generally a large line/ way to avoid the line/best time to pick them up? thank you for your advice

Posted by donna
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Beth, the "guided tour-Eng" is the English tour of the main areas of the colosseum. The "underground tour" is the English tour of the underground and third tier. Since it's a tour it really doesn't matter if you go early or late in the day. I would pick a time that goes the best with everything else you have planned for the day.
There is a group tour entry at the colosseum. Then you go to the tour desk to pick up your tickets. At that point they will tell you where the group is meeting for the tour. You don't need to stand in the line outside the colosseum. That is for people waiting to buy tickets. They will not let you inside much before the start of the tour. Just get there about 15-20 minutes early. Donna

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thank you! reassuring to have that confirmed

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The second half of the "Underground Tour" is actually on top of the the third level in the sun. Go in the morning.