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Uffizi tickets

We will be in Florence only two days, Sept. 13 and 14. Do we dare wait to buy Uffizi tickets on site, or should I spend the extra 22 euros for online booking? Thank you.

Michael Kischner

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We are staying at a B&B in Florence, and they were happy to get reservations for us for October. Have you checked with your hotel/B&B to see if they'll just do it for you?

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Our B&B gladly did it for us at no charge (Residenza Il Villino). No, you do NOT want to show up without reservations.

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Make the reservations! Then you can have the pleasure of walking by all the silly people in the 2 hour long line, wondering why they didn't just pay the extra and make a reservation also. The only logical reason I can think of for not doing it, is if your plans are not firm enough to commit to a specific time.

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Get your hotel to organise once you get to Florence. I'm sure they will gladly do it for you. We booked the day before and just sailed straight in past the very long queue.