Uffizi Reservations

There will be four of us in Florence the first week of July mid-week. I want to book Uffizi reservations for the Tuesday or Wednesday. Does booking morning or afternoon matter if you are doing a reservation? Should we get a time as early as possible? Same question goes for Accademia.
Thank you! Kevin

Posted by Maryam
Washington, DC
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I would reserve the time for whatever works best for your schedule. Uffizi is closed on Mondays, so most folks say that it is then busy on Tuesdays, but I have no direct knowledge of that. Again I would get the reservation for when it works for your sightseeing needs. Also, consider getting the Firenze Card. It lets you skip the lines at both those places, and you get entrance to a whole bunch of other places (a little bit more expensive, but if you go to at least one other place it covers, it is worth it).

Posted by Cathy
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA
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We were in Florence last year in late May with a reservation there was only a very short wait. They were very good about getting the people in with reservations on time. We did mid morning with out a wait.

Posted by Vicky
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We were in Florence May 3-11, 2013 and had "early as possible" morning reservations for the Uffizi and "Accademia" and highly recommend this. We got into both museums with a minimal wait and were able to spend as much time as we wanted inside, before the crowds really arrived. The lines outside appeared to be longer when we left than when we arrived. Photography is not permitted in either museum, except at the rooftop outdoor cafe of the Uffizi. You can get some nice rooftop shots there, so it is worth taking your camera. NB the public restrooms in Accademia are in the building, but outside the formal exit, so if you use them, the guard may block your reentry into the museum!

Posted by Becky
Seattle, WA, USA
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Depending on what you're going to see, I would also agree on the Firenze card. We just used it and never had to wait in a line at any location -- and we wound up seeing so many other sites that we might not have otherwise.