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uffizi reservations

What's the best way to get reservations for the Uffizi? Is it by phone or are the websites like weekendafirenze just as good or too expensive? Thanks.

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Best and easiest way to do it would be to ask your hotel to make them for you.

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Got my reservations on the web for the Uffizi and Cappelle Medicee. Used my Visa card and had my voucher a day later (via the web). I've used this service before with no problems. There is a service fee but I don't recall what it was, at any rate not so much that it wasn't worth the lack of annoyance waiting in line. That said, you do have to pick a specific time for the venues so if you're a fly-by-the-pants type this isn't so good. Really really want to see specific things and all else be damned - great service.

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Yes get your hotel to do it. They are really used to doing it and it's so convenient.

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When you hotel makes the reservation for you, they give you a reservation number (there's I think a 3 euro reservation fee). You not pay anything until you show up to the special ticket window to pick up your ticket. That way, if something happens and you are unable to be there, you are not out the money.

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Thanks to everyone for their responses. Our hotel actually forwarded us to the website However, this site along with charged almost 25 euro in extra fees(uffizi and accademia). I actually took rick steves advice and called the central reservation service from here in the US and it was surprisingly easy and got reservation numbers for both the Uffizi and the Accademia in about 3 minutes.
For calls to Italy from the US, calling cards are definitely the way to go. I got about 400 minutes for $5.

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We have a large family (18 people, ages 9 to 70) going to the Uffizi. Has anyone used a tour guide, or are the audio guides good enough?