Uffizi Museum Tickets

Hi. I tried the website link provided in a previous question, http://www.firenzemusei.it/index.html
However, it only showed the month of February, and would not let it move to the next month to purchase tickets. The website would not let me even choose a time or day of the current month, February. (I tried this, hoping some activity would occur.) Secondly, I contacted the hotel, and they are charging per person 8Euros to book tickets to the Uffizi, in additon to the full price listed of $6.50 Euros. Is this reasonable?

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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I just tried it and it was working - but very, very slow. Are you selecting the month using the list on the left, not the arrows, which just move the year forward? And after selecting I waited 60 seconds for a response. The website booking fee is 4 euro anyway, so your hotel is "just" charging 4 euros extra, not 8 euro - if you can't get the website to work then you might think that reasonable if you think you need to pre-book (we did for a June visit, not sure if it is necessary at all times of the year). Also, there is a special exhibition on for the next few months which put the price up to 11 euro (+ booking fee) and it didn't seem possible to de-select this option.

Posted by Susan
St Peters, MO
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Thank you for the reply. Yes, the website was VERY slow; it did take nearly exactly 60 secs between clicks for date, time, etc. Please note, if you pay by credit card, it will give information in Italian. One can see what info they need, especially if you make a lot of reservations online. However, just click, 'enter'; no need to choose either of the two tabs below.
It will take you to a screen saying 'Invio'. Then I took a chance, clicked, and it said confirmmo in the words. One receives transaction number, and it should show the dates you selected for the museum tickets. Hope this helps someone else!