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Uber in italy Rome to Sorrento

How available is uber when traveling from Rome to Sorrento

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Hi Steve,
I’m not able to answer your specific question but it would be just as easy & cheaper to take the train. Rome2Rio is a good source for all options between the 2 destinations.


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It is long ways and price will be high because there is no return fare. Uber availability will be dependent on day and time. There are a number of other ways to get to Sorrento but they would be less convenient. It depends on where in Rome you are coming from. The train, mentioned above, is OK but does require a change in train and train station in Naples and the use of the Circumvesuvianna between Naples and Sorrento. I think it is fine but others object to the Circu.... because it is a well worn, cheap, commuter train . I have ridden it a number of times and am still alive. There is a limited schedule, direct bus to Sorrento from Rome.

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we usually take the high speed train (we book early and go first class) from Rome to Naples, then hire a private driver from Naples train station to Sorrento. This is discussed often in these forums - do a search at the top of the page and you'll find suggestions for private drivers. Or, you can take the regional train from Naples to Sorrento.

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Uber is not available in Italy the way it is in the US. The Italian courts have ruled that that type of service provided by ordinary people who are not licensed taxi or limo drivers is not legal. Therefore Uber offers only Uber Black service, which is a black limo service provided by licensed limo companies. As such there is no savings over using any limo service. I recommend this one below, but there are many if you search online:
Whichever company you select the cost will be in the €500 range.
Unless it’s a decent amount of people traveling together and sharing the cost, that is an expensive trip by private car. A much cheaper (and faster) alternative is the high speed train to Naples, then a commuter train from Naples to Sorrento. From Naples to Sorrento you can also take a private car or taxi for about €100.
High speed trains here:
Once in Naples walk to the Circumvesuviana ticket window, buy a ticket and take the Circumvesuviana commuter train to Sorrento in the underground level. By high speed train and commuter train the total cost will be under $60 per person, or even up to 40% cheaper if you buy the high speed portion in advance.