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Uber in Italy - any recent experiences?

I know this is a topic that has been addressed in this forum previously, but it seems the situation with Uber is always in flux, so if anyone responds, please do so only if you have recently used Uber in the last few weeks. We were in Rome last year, and it was great. We will be in Italy for 3 weeks in May, in Milan, Rome and other cities. Going online, you can get fare quotes for Uber, and everything seems fine. Then I saw a recent article that Uber was banned by an Italian court.
I know here in Miami, the city also banned Uber for awhile, but everyone still uses it.

So, again, if anyone has recently used Uber in Rome, Milan or other Italian cities what were your recent experiences and what type of Uber did you use. Black, Pop, or other. . '
Thanks in advance for any information.

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I don't need to have used it in the last two weeks to know what is in all Italian newspapers. I can read.

UBER POP: Not permitted in Italy since June 2015 after a Court decision. This ban is still in place.
UBER BLACK/UBER VAN: This service is on luxury vehicles only and must be provided by professional drivers with NCC (Noleggio con Conducente) license, that is basically a black limo type of service. These licenses are restricted, therefore Uber has been unable to develop this service as they would like. It is currently available in Rome, Milan, Florence. Fares are somewhat higher than a regular taxi. Some examples:
From historical center of Rome to FCO airport:
TAXI €48
From historical center of Florence to FLR airport
TAXI €20 (+1€ per bag)
From historical center of Milan to MXP airport
TAXI €95

That's it!