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types of train tickets

I'm on and I can't figure out what the different types of tickets mean, mainly, what it means to have a "flexi" or a "Standard". Is it like the name implies? What is the best type of ticket to get if I want a fast train, and a reservation for a specific time window?

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I'm sure Frank, Kent & Larry can give more insight into this topics... they're the experts! Suffice to say, unless you are an EU citizen, or are of a specific age - then the best ticket to buy on a fast train with a specific time window is an AMICA ticket. These can save you 20% on those "high-speed" trains -- but they are sold for a limited number of seats per run... If they're not available, then your next best bet is a Standard ticket... Larry, Frank, Kent?


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Hi Katie

You want either a Standard fare or if available an Amica fare.

Your reservation will be for an exact train--- not a time window. If you miss that train you will need to buy another ticket.

If you are taking the train the same day you arrive by plane be careful to allow more than ample time to clear customs retrieve luggage if you checked it, catch the train to termini plus factor in the very likely chance that your plane will be late.

We purchased our tickets for the Leonardo and for the ES rapido to Florence at the window at the Fumicino station with no problems--- except that the Leonardo was 13 minutes late to termini and we had to run like maniacs to catch our train on the far side of termini.

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Katie, if you select "Promotions" on the Trenitalia website, you'll see the explanation for the different fares on the right. In short, the Flexi-fare is more than the standard fare as it provides you with a few more exchange and other options in case the train run is cancelled or changed. This is a highly unlikely event. Plan on a standard fare but always ask for the Amica fare if you are purchasing before the day of travel.