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Twizy cars

Has anyone had any experience (good or bad?) renting and driving the small 2 seater Twizy electric car along the Amalfi Coast? It is offered at our Positano hotel Eden Roc and it sounds like fun and a good way to get around. Advertised as better and safer than a scooter, but with the ability to maneuver the curves better than a car and can be driven and parked in some of the areas restricted to cars. We are thinking of using it to explore coast and Ravello from Positano. Good idea? Bad idea?

Posted by mreynolds
Boston, MA
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Don't think I would feel safer than in a car in one. If you get a nice day and traffic is not bad it may be fun to drive down the coast.
You will love Eden Roc, we stayed there and really enjoyed it. Did not rent their electric cars.
Great rooms, views, breakfast, service, etc... is on the main road which is good for logistics when traveling via car or bus but does require a far amount of stairs to get to/from the beach and ferry area.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Who knows ??? -- Certainly better than a scooter. Close to zero crash protection. What is the range? It might work with a lot of caution.

Posted by Roberto da Firenze
San Francisco Bay Area (USA)
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Passenger sits behind the driver like on a motorcycle (and not sure how comfortably).
So that you know.

Posted by Gone
not here anymore
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Marketing seems to concentrate on lifestyle and image, can't see any mention of range or (quite important in this case) ability to get up hills, especially with 2 on board.

Posted by joe32F
Edmonds, WA
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Cars have no problem going around curves on the Amalfi Coast. I have driven it.

If you feel the need to drive, get a real car. Otherwise use the various forms of public transport.

With the number of buses and semi trucks using that road, a Twizy is NOT what I would want to be in.

With a max range of 43 miles ( "depending on driving conditions" to quote the mfg brochure) With Ravello being a 30+ mile r/t , I would not feel comfortable about testing its real limits and how closely the Amalfi Coast road conditions and the mfg test conditions match up.

I vote "Bad idea"

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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43 miles is not a great range. I have an electric car with a EPA stated range of 126 miles. In reality it is closer to 100 miles and can less depending on driving conditions and whether or not it has a re-generative baking system. In town and around I can get closer to 110 miles. On the interstate at 70mph, probably 80 miles. Beside you cannot drain the batter till zero. Driving an all electric car is a bit of a planning challenge. We love it and it works great but it is different.