Tuscany visit

Hi I'm visiting Italy for 2 weeks this month and am having trouble deciding where to base myself in the Tuscany region. We arrive in Milan then head to Lake Como for 2 nights. After that we have 4 nights free before heading to Rome. I was wanting to visit the coast (Pietrasanta, Pisa etc) before heading to the Ciante area to drive around but am wondering if I'll have enough time. I see that I'd have to train from Milan/ Lake Como to Florence to take a connection to Pisa and the coast so perhaps I should just spend 2 nights in Florence, skip Pisa and the coast then go to Siena and drive around the Ciante before training to Rome?
Is this a better plan as I don't want to spend the whole 4 days in a mad rush? Thanks for your help

Posted by Danielle
Paxton, Massachuse, USA
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Hi Mindy, Just thought I would share my recent experience. My family and I just returned from Italy and had the most wonderful four days at Agriturismo Marciano. This is just outside Siena. From that home base (which includes delicious breakfast and dinner for an extra fee (WORTH EVERY PENNY)) we visited many, many towns in Tuscany and Chianti. Nadia, the owner of the Agriturismo, is wonderful and supplied us with suggested routes. A car and a good GPS is a must. I would highly recommend staying here. The farm house has completely new rooms overlooking beautiful Tuscany. As far as Pisa, we did go to see the Tower like every tourist. It was worth seeing it but we went in and got out as fast as we could. Pisa itself feels like a tourist trap. It was our least favorite part of the trip. Have a great time. Italy is beautiful!!!

Posted by Andrea
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Danielle, Danielle, Danielle...apparently you did not get the memo about mentioning Agriturismo Marciano publicly. Those of us who have stayed there and loved it want to be assured that there will be availability for us when we want to go back. Telling people by PM is allowed and encouraged. We don't want to be selfish or anything. ;-) Since the cat is out of the bag, I also recommend Agriturismo Marciano. You might have difficulty getting a room at this late date.