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To Pompeii

Day trip from Rome to Pompeii -- train and restaurant suggestions. Hoping to sign up for Rick Steves' new tour option in Pompeii (need a minimum of 8 -- we are four -- others join us!).

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Since Pompeii is so easy to reach via train. I would use the car for areas that are not easily reach by trains.

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Does the DD express train from Rome to Naples run on Sunday mornings? Can someone give me a website to view the train time schedules? In another post I read that there is a train as early as 7:30 a.m. from Rome to Naples but want to make sure that this includes a Sunday morning as well. (And that we can return Sunday evening). Any worthy eateries/restaurants in Pompeii for lunch or near the Naples train station for dinner?

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The 7:35 fast-train departure from Rome to Naples runs daily, including Sundays. How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the comprehensive DB train schedule link and tips for using it for all of Europe. sells tickets within Italy.

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I visited Pompeii very recently, on a Sunday, although traveling from Sorrento rather than Rome. Pompeii is a very, very extensive and spread-out site. I would highly recommend arranging for a guide, whether through the RS Mondo Tours arrangement, or a guide you meet and like (and easily understand) at the entry to the ruins. I visited the site without a guide, just using the RS written tour in his books. I found that quite limited in content, and also difficult to follow because his map of the site uses street names that do not correspond to any street signs at the site. I wish I had been part of one of the many guided groups, large and small, that were walking around and using various languages. Also, some sections or streets are closed off for renovations or repairs, and guides know where those places are and do not try to go there; a written guide ignores those temporary factors. I also think a little advance reading about Pompeii would help get you oriented toward what you will see, even if that is just reading over material together the evening before or on the train between Rome and Naples.

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I am going to Pompei in Sept and per Larry's suggestion tried to make a reservation on the R S Mondo Tours, only shows 10:30 time slot, does anyone know if they are only one time per day ? We can't get there by that time....