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Turin, CT, Bologna, Venice--too much?

We're traveling for 2 weeks (last wk June, first wk July) with 4 kids (17, 15, 12, 10). Is it too crazy a trip to do Turin, CT, Bologna (and Modena), and Venice--all via train? We like to wander cities and don't want to deal with tourist crowds. Any suggestions?

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if you don't like to deal with tourist crowds, then Venice is not the city for you (esp. in the summer)

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I think you'll be fine and all the places are quite close by train so you won't be spending heaps of time travelling. As far as avoiding crowds in Venice you don't have a hope. I was there last March and it was packed then so I would hate to think what it's like in 'high' season. Having said that though it is a wonderful city and I would not miss out on visiting it.

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This reminds me of the Yogi Berra line: "Nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded."

The trick to dealing with crowded spots (in Venice that would be St. Mark's and the Rialto Bridge) is to avoid them during the peak "tourist bell curve" that happens from about 10 a.m. to about 5 pm. Wander around the other parts of Venice during that time. There are all sorts of wonderful walking tours of Venice. Then go to St. Mark's in the early evening.

And remember that the reason most of these places are so crowded is because they are so wonderful.