We were thinking about spending a day in Trieste coming from Florence on the way to Ljubljana and were wondering if this place is worth a visit? What is there to see and do? Is it somewhat like a smaller Venice? Thanks!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Are you driving? I've been to Trieste a couple of times a long while ago, but the only thing I really care to remember is the Castello di Miramare and its gardens. However it's just outside town. If you drive it's worth a stop. Piazza dell'Unita' was also nice. there is a Canal Grande but I wouldn't compare Trieste to Venice. Don't remember much else about Trieste.

Posted by Claudio
Bergamo, Italy
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There are not many cities in the world comparable to Venice, however, Trieste worth a visit, is a city with an old Habsburg soul and with a Central European atmosphere and then there are wonderful cafes. I've been there once and I would like to go back.

Posted by Will
Columbia, SC
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I'll agree that the highlight is Miramare castle, residence of the Archduke Maximilian before he left to become the Emperor of Mexico. It's a couple miles outside of town- I took a local bus. Other than that the city is not particularly memorable. Worth a stop for a few hours though.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Here are two New York Times article about Trieste, from 2011: link 1 and link 2. It certainly sounds interesting, and has a different history from Venice.

Posted by Janet
Colorado, USA
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Mark Bittman, in a 2007 NY Times article, said: "Among experienced travelers, Trieste is widely considered a town barely worth visiting. I don't get it." (He goes on to talk about food, of course.)