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Trenitalia Trains - will they refund the speed train fares?

I was going to Italy this May, but have since cancelled my travels. I have been able to get refunds on the hotels that required a deposit or charge and on tours as well. My questions are:
1. I purchased train tickets on Trenitalia from Roma to Napoli Centrale for May, 7, 2020. The tickets Where Super Economy-Premium Fare and have a VAT number and Entitlement Number as well. I have gone to their website and have printed off their "Request for Refund for Travel due to Corona Virus". However, I do not understand some of the information they are asking for. For example: On page 2 at bottom, it shows BIC/SWIFT/ABA (only for residents abroad)*. What is BIC/SWIFT/ABA? I purchased these tickets on a credit card and there doesn't seem to be any place on these forms for that option. Page one where you sign, has options: Receipt for cash, Bank Transfer/Charge back, Voucher, Cheque. They also have a page that lists the e-mail address to send the refund request to, but I can't figure out which one is the one I should use for Rome to Naples. For example they list the following:
Abruzzo, Alto Adige, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, For Trenitalia Tiper, Lazio, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Peidmont, Puglia, Sardina, Sicily, Tuscany, Trento, Umbria, Aosta Valley and Veneto.

I am hoping someone can give me some insight as to which one I should use for Rome to Naples, as well as the BIC/SWIFT/ABA distinction.

Thank you in advance.

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The instructions at the top of the form indicate to send it to the office related to your destination city. Naples is in Campania.

The Swift/ABA, etc. is to fill in your bank’s routing number plus your personal account number.

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Thanks for the links, Lola. We're not cancelling yet.... but I'm definitely bookmarking.

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And if you do end up having to use such a form, please think carefully before providing electronic transfer details (ABA number + account number). That pair of numbers is sufficient for a malicious person to try to present a check or to try to electronically debit your account. If an electronic transfer were the only available refund mechanism, then accepting a voucher for future travel would be preferable!

Remember that if you e-mailed the completed form, your banking details would pass unencrypted through many different e-mail servers. Even if you mailed it, you could not count on the honesty of the people receiving and processing the form.

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I will just report my experience with train refunds for our March trip.

We had four legs of travel, three on Trenitalia Frecce trains, and one on Italo. The three Trenitalia trips I ended up booking through, because I was unable to activate my previous Trenitalia registration, and unable to create a new one. In the end, this turned out to be a good thing.

Our Trenitalia trips were MIlan to Caserta on March 11, Naples to Matera ( Frecce train and FrecceLink bus connection) on March 13, and Matera to Naples on March 16.

I booked Naples to Venice with Italo for March 17.

We canceled our trip to Italy in late February. When the Trenitalia refund offers first cam out, the request had to be submitted by March 1, which I did, using the "Web Form" for Frecce trains I linked above. Three submissions ( for the three trips) were acknowledged but I have heard nothing further. They did say the voucher could take up to 30 days. As of now we have another trip to ItLynin late July so I was OK with vouchers. Now we doubt that tripmwill be possible.

On March 12, I read on TripAdvisor of someone getting immediate refunds (not vouchers) from Trainline. So I went to the website, looked at my two remaining bookings ( too late for the March 11 trip from MIlan to Caserta) and found a "cancel/refund" button, I used that, and to my amazement it went through. My credit card was refunded for the train portion ( but not the bus) the next day.

I still have heard nothing from either Trenitalia or Italo regarding the other two (longer) trips, these will be vouchers for travel, not refunds, if they do go through.

Lesson learned? In this case, I was better off with the Trainline reservations. I have used them before, for travel in France ( easier than booking with SNCF) and I will use them again for Italy. But if that dang credit voucher ever comes through from Trenitalia, I will have to book that with Trenitalia, if we can travel this summer. We do have one planned trip ( Milan to Locarno) where it could be useful.

But if the voucher does not come through, and IF we get to do the trip ( a big IF) I will book MIlan to Locarno on They refunded our Brig to Milan tickets for March 10 immediately, upon email request. No red tape or forms to fill out; just a simple process with a personal response by a human with a name.

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Thanks to Lola and all who gave me information on my train tickets. RailEuope has already refunded tickets, minus the administration and %. This information will be very helpful.