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Trenitalia strike July 7th please help

I was planning on taking a train from Rome to Florence on the morning of July 7th. I have now learned that Trenitalia is on strike from 9 PM on July 6th until 9 PM on July 7th. Does that mean that the whole train system will be shut down that day? Will they resolve this strike by then? What are my alternatives for getting to Florence on the 7th? How expensive and time consuming would a bus be? Thanks for your help.

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No. These sort of 24 hour strikes are common but some trains, especially on the key lines such as Rome to Florence, always run. Check with your hotel in Rome and they should be able to help you out.

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We have the same issue. We want a night train on the 6th. I talked to my hotel 2 days ago and they don't seem worried. According to Mario at my hotel, it still is a long way away, they can cancel the strike, some main lines still run, if you get on before the strike happens the train should run through,etc. He says to check again a couple of days prior. Does anyone know if this is accurate info? I'm making two sets of plans for that time period!

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There are always and I said ALWAYS transportation strikes. They don't last long and you will be able to get around!!!! I promise!!!!

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One thing to remember is that the strikes do not totally shut down the transportation system. The Italian people still have to get back and forth to their jobs, and so service may become limited, but it won't cease to function.

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Strikes are an rare occurence in Italy, but they do happen. Most, like this one, are well publicized, with plenty of advance warning. How the strike plays out is an entirely different matter.

In Rome, due to the size of the population and mass transit needs, they usually DO NOT last long. In fact, the last "Day-Long" strike lasted from 8 AM to about 1 PM in Rome. Buses were on a full schedule by 4 PM. Unfortunately we have a new government and this may be a "posturing" strike by Trenitalia...

But like many things in Italy... you just don't know. We did get stuck downtown during one strike and how to catch a taxi home - we thought for sure it would be over BEFORE our excursion! No such luck! When ATAC shut down, the only thing running was the metro... NOT ONE SINGLE BUS! You can imagine the chaos at rush hour. Fortunately, I read that most Italians JUST STAYED HOME from work that day! ATAC is regarded as a necessary evil for most commuters - Romans are by far the most critical of their metro/bus system!

I would talk with my hotel/concierge for more info. They often have good "insider" knowledge of these issues and can offer alternative methods of transport. Also, airlines have great insight into "transportation stoppages" as they have a vested interest in folks getting to the airport - so I have called Alitalia for more info and they were very helpful during the last strike in Milan.

I cannot recall the last time the ENTIRE Trenitalia system FULLY shut down, but then it only really matters if it's your train... Good luck and I'd keep my ear to the ground as often these strikes are called off before they happen - and that may be the case here as TrenItalia and Mr. Berlusconi come to an accord.