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Trenitalia Smart Fares

Hi, I am looking to buy 2 tickets from Florence To Zurich at the trenitalia website. I see SMART fares but when I try to buy it, the system comes back with the message "Quota Not Available". I was trying to check prices for SMART 2 fares, but when I click on it to get the price, it does not show it. Does anybody know how to avail these SMART 2 fares?

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I replied to your post this morning, but for some reason my post doesn't appear on this thread. The Trenitalia site has a deserved reputation for having glitches from time to time. That said, be aware that the Smart fare is less than the Smart 2 fare. Your problem also could be that you are trying to enter a travel date beyond what the online booking system will accept. What date and time did you enter?

You can also book at the Swiss Rail site and have your ticket mailed to you. However, as you go along in the process everything will switch from English to German. Proceed if you can. Or book by calling the SBB Contact Center. Dial 011 (US international access code) + 41 (country code for Switzerland) + (0)900 300 300. Omit the initial zero which is only used for calls originating in Switzerland.