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I have a few questions regarding Trenitalia & I'm hoping the helpful folks on this forum can help me. First, my husband and I will be traveling from Monterosso to Napoli Centrale in September. There is a route that doesn't involve any train changes that takes close to 7 hours. I thought Trenitalia's web-site didn't update until sometime in June for the second part of the year but I noticed just now that the route I want is showing up for September 4 and I can book it for only 9 euros per person (dirt cheap!). Can I assume that if it's showing on Trenitalia's site that it truly is available for purchase and that the route is valid for the date I'm traveling, even though it's not June yet? I've always heard that the differences between 1st & 2nd class are minimal and in the past we always opted for 2nd class however seeing as how this is a 7-hr ride, I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to 1st class. My husband is 6'2" & I'm wondering if he would have more room in 1st class to stretch out a little. Any thoughts? It looks like there are 4 seats across in 2nd class and 3 seats across in 1st this correct? My last concern/question is regarding luggage storage. If I remember correctly, the luggage storage area is at the end of each car in 2nd class. I like to sit as close to the storage area as possible so I can keep my eyes on my bag. Is the storage area at the end of the car in 1st class as well or is there storage above the seats in 1st class? If I buy the tickets in advance, I have to select my seats or have them assigned to me and I'm wondering how to figure out which side of each car contains the luggage storage area so that I can try to select seats to close to it. Thanks in advance for your input.

Posted by Bob
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Hi Sheron. Yes, if it shows, you can buy it. Is 5:30 am ok? There will be more trains shown if you wait. Use a date in May now to see the full schedule. 2nd class is fine for most people, but yes, first class will have more room. In first class, most of the seats will be empty; you will be able to sit where you like. If you have carryon size bags or even a little bigger, you will be able to keep them by your seat in 1st or 2nd class. If bigger bags, just bring a little cable lock, then don't worry about them. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Eileen
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If you can get that 29€ or even 39€ 1st-class fare...snap it up! Here's the confusion - Trenitalia says it's an IC (Intercity) train, but when I go to choose my seats it becomes a Frecciarossa train (scratching head...). I'll leave my link below, but apparently just ignore the info about going 1/2 way down the page for the IC info...and just look at Ron's ( and GAC's!) info on the fast trains - yours should look like the first pictures on the page. Here's some info (scroll about 1/2 way down) on IC trains from RonInRome.

Posted by Sheron
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Thanks for all your advice/input. I registered on Trenitalia's web-site & attempted to buy the tickets but ran into problems so I ended up buying 2 first class tickets on for $84 USD total for both tickets. I paid a $5 processing fee but wanted to make sure that I got the tickets at a discounted rate and simply couldn't make it work on Trenitalia's site. Thanks again.