Trenitalia electronic ticket

I just purchased all my train travel for my trip on the Trenitalia web site. I printed this electronic ticket which has the ticket code, PNR numbers, coach and seat assignments on it. Is this electronic ticket all I need to board the trains or do I need to do something else?

Posted by Brian
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Trenitalia will email you in about 24 hours with a PDF file of your tickets that has a QR code on it along with everything else. I read online that the person checking your ticket on the train really only needs your PNR number to confirm your booking.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Ditto Steven. It's the 6-digit PNR number that does it. The conductor carries a wireless PDA and enters the code. In reality, he doesn't really need to as all of the information he needs is printed on your paper. Just hop on and find your seat. You are pre-validated. Also, if you have a train change on this run and your next train is on a Regionale train, you won't have a PNR number for the Regionale train but you will be pre-validated. Should say so on the paper. My most recent ticket from Assisi to Foligno does.

Posted by carmen
alexandria, va, usa
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Hi Jeff..yes ive been reading another site and all you need is the PNR numbers. I hope you selected the ticketless option when purchasing. Im planning to do the same cause if u purchase really early you get up to 50% off the price and i just play with the trenitalia site and its now easy to use..finally!!