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Trenitalia App

Good morning... Just bought my first ever train tickets with the Trenitalia app. The tickets all look fine on my phone. I have purchased 4 tickets and other than my name as the buyer I did not have names on each ticket. Will this be a problem? Also can I show them all 4 tickets on my phone or does each person in our group need to have the ticket on their phone?
Thanks, Tim

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Hi Tim. Welcome to the Forum. You're good to go. You can just show the conductor the info on your phone for all 4 people, and the conductor doesn't care about names. Have a great trip!

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Thanks so much for your prompt reply!
I was hoping that might be the case, but wanted to be sure as we have never been to Italy or used the train... It will be a great adventure! I believe some of the other apps did show places to add names etc. for each person.
Have a great day!

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Hello Tim,

There are several types of trains in Italy. The Regionale are local trains that only have 2nd class, don't sell out and prices don't change. These are used for local travel and there is no reason to buy them until you need them - the app is great for that.
The app will also let you track trains in real time and check assigned platforms for transfers etc.

All app purchased tickets have QR codes in the app you'll just need to swipe between them if the conductor asks to see them and they will scan them. If you purchase paper tickets from a kiosk in the train station you must stamp these as you enter the platform before you board the train but e-tickets are fine.

Fast and Intercity trains come with required reservations, assigned seating and can sell out so that's a different discussion. The website is the easiest place to buy those if that's an option.

The go-to place for train information in Europe is here:

Dealing with the train system is part of the Italian experience, enjoy!

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Take screen shots of each ticket, and store them in your Gallery/Notes on your phone….just in case your phone dies or you can’t access the app for some reason….then you have copies.

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Yes, I do what S J suggests: make screen shots of anything with a QR code, just in case the app loses connection or something. Otherwise, as a solo traveler at least, I've found the Trenitalia app very easy and useful vs. needing to buy paper tickets from a machine or a human agent or something.

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Thanks again folks... Much appreciated!
I will definitely take screen shots to save my tickets in case of app malfunction. I'm old school and generally like paper tickets but the hassle factor of validation steers me away from those.

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If you purchase tix in advance you don’t need to validate.
If you feel better having paper copies, do that.
( I’m old school as well and take paper copies with me)

Only regional tickets bought in the station need validating.

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hassle factor

Time-stamping a Regional train ticket purchased at the counter takes 3 seconds, if you are slow. In return you get a Regional ticket that can be used when you prefer over 24 hours.

Unless you don't have a data connection that lets you get tickets right before getting on, a Regional ticket purchased at any counter up to six months in advance is more convenient than an e-ticket. Regional e-tickets must be used within 4 hours from the departure of the booked train.

If you purchase tix in advance you don’t need to validate.

Sorry for being pedant, but If you purchase tix in advance online you don’t need to validate.

As I wrote, If you wanted you could get all the Regional tickets you need during a journey at the first Trenitalia's station you pass by. At the counter the only obstacle would be the language, but at english speaking ticket machines you just have to change the departure station.

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Thanks everyone for the detailed analysis of my options... Who knew buying train tickets could be such a project! Lot's of fun research and options for tickets and time lines. So far we are looking good for all of our destinations!