Travelling to Sicily and Italy Feb-March 2013- Car Rental Info

My husband and I are planning to visit Italy for a month, landing in Sicily the last week of Feb 2013. We plan to stay for a week and a half before taking the ferry to the mainland. We plan to visit the Amolfi Coast and Rome for anther 2-3 weeks. My first question has to do with the most economical way to rent a car for our 1 month stay. Is it better to return the rental in Sicily and then rent a different car for the mainland because of ferry fees and drop off fees??? Keeping the same car would be easier but would it be a lot more expensive? We would also appreciate any input on places to visit. We hope to spend 3-4 days in Palermo and then 1 week in the Catania area visiting Ragusa Ibla and Mount Etna and then head for the mainland. Any suggestions for places to stay on the Amolfi coast or the Rome area?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I would keep the car. There are no drop off fees in the same country, therefore you can rent in Sicily and return it in the mainland at no extra charge. A one way ferry crossing fee for the car is about 25-30 euro max, therefore not that expensive to justify the hassle of returning the car and renting a car again across the strait. That would be crazy. You might spend that much to take a taxi from/to the ferry to the closest rental car office.

Posted by Pauline
St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
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Thanks so much for the info, Roberto. Greatly appreciated! I have never used a site like this before...this was my first try but it sure won't be my last. Thanks again! Pauline
PS Any other great tips?