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Traveling to Italy with a 9 year old

So the the new travel restrictions are quite clear ...except when it comes to kids.
Both my wife and I are fully vaccinated but our 9 year old can't be yet. If we all pass our Covid test, will my 9 year old be required to quarantine for 5 days? My gut instinct is that minors would be exempt in this situation (a la Germany/Swiss) but I would have much more peace of mind if we knew for sure. If anyone out there knows the answer, I'd be really grateful!

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Keep in mind, the information provided pertains to entry. Once there, measures in place for each region dictate activity. This map indicates the status of each region, and a FAQ on measures, including use of the Green Pass, or in your case, the CDC Card.

Down in the FAQ it does state that under 12 year old's are exempt from use of the Green Pass for restaurants, museums, and I assume the new rule for needing a green pass for trains.

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Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the info. We're scheduled to go in early Oct. so hopefully things don't get worse from here. Will continue to monitor daily as suggested. Originally we had planned to go to Sicily but due to change in status have pivoted to Lake Como/Chinque Terre instead.