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traveling solo in sorthern italy

is it unsafe for a young woman to travel solo in southern italy, specifically napoli?

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No it is not unsafe but as in any other city you should take simple precautions. Don't drink to excess, make sure you always have a enough money for a taxi if you ever feel unsafe or simply tired, etc.

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hey gwen, i have traveled to italy a couple of times by myself and felt very safe. but i am a very careful traveler. very seldom drink, unless i just have a glass of wine on my hotel balcony, never turn down lone, empty streets if i don't see others, and usually turn in by dark. doesn't sound real romantic but the joys of going where i want, doing what i want and not being on anyone's schedule but mine is very rewarding. being an art history major at one time means i can enjoy museums, historic sites and so forth and take it all in and not be pushed. i love it. so just take care, be mindful of pick pockets, don't spend time talking to strangers and you'll be fine. then relax and soak it all in. kt