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Traveling all over Italy- help with train travel

Okay, everyone, here goes. I am going to Europe for the first time in late May. My husband and I will arrive in Rome on a Monday and will need to be back in Rome the following Sunday. We are planning to travel from Rome to Venice, then from Venice to the Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre to Florence, and Florence back to Rome.

Is it more economical to get a 4 day train pass, or to buy tickets separately? I know we are cramming a lot into a week, but who knows when we will get back!

Also, for more experienced travellers, are the Eurostar trains worth the extra fee?

Do you generally buy all of your tickets when you first arrive in Italy?

Thanks in advice for the help. There's so much to consider! :)

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First, in general, the Eurostars are great. But, if you can get an ICPlus run, the fares are 25% less. You could ride the regional trains for half the cost of a Eurostar but the journey will take a lot longer as the regional trains stop at every stop whereas the ES trains make very few stops.

Next, you won't find many ICPlus runs from Rome to Venice so you will most likely be on the Eurostar. 61.80Euro for the Eurostar and 65.60Euro for the fastest and newest Eurostar. From Venice to the CT, it's 45.70Euro for the Eurostar/ICPlus run (you will change trains), it's 45.70Euro. For the ICPlus runs, its 33.60Euro. For the CT to Florence, no Eurostars here. Mostly regional trains. 15.50Euro for the ICPlus/R runs. 9.20Euro for the all Regional runs. For Florence to Rome, you'll be on the non-stop Eurostar. Fare is 39.90Euro (went up. It used to be 36.10Euro). Compare this total with the cost of a 4-day Eurail pass. Note that when you use a Eurail pass on the Eurostar, Italy charges an additional 18Euro supplemental fee. Let's see. 4-day Eurail Pass 134 Euro. Add 54Euro supplemental fee and its 188Euro. P2P is about 30Euro less depending on which train type you ride.

If you want to try for the Amica fare (limited 20% discount), buy your tickets when you get there. If not, you can buy a day or two in advance.

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I looked on the trenitalia website and the estimates I got for a Eurostar ticket were more. Were the prices you found in 1st or 2nd class?

Thanks for your help!

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I just came back from Italy having purchased the 4 Day Italy Pass. And if I were to redo my trip, I would not purchase it.

First, to really get the most out of the pass, you have to take non-reservation trains, which are the exception rather than the rule in Italy (at least for tarvel between the major cities). Which means that you will be palnning your trip around a limited train schedule. You can take certainly take reservation trains, but it will cost you 5 Euro per person.

Second, The Italy pass does not include the local train lines in areas such as Campania (Naples through Amalfi coast).

Third, the Italy pass does not include the Eurostar trains, which you may want to take a couple times. Although more expensive, they really improve your travel times.

Fourth, you may also want to take buses. Between certain cities this may be your best option. Or maybe you'll hitch a ride with fellow travelers.

The bottom line as far as I'm concerend is that the Italy pass is only a bargain if you are travelling in certain regions of Italy, stick to a non-reservation train schedule, and only take the train between destinations.

Buy the tickets when you get there. Tickets are easily purchased at all train stations at eletronic kiosks or ticket booths.