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Travel to Lucca April 2025

We are going to Lucca mid April 2025. What airline is best from Boise Idaho? Also what is the latest trains run from Pisa airport to Lucca? Is it safe to travel from airport to Lucca at night?

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You’d have to research flights
There are no direct flights to Pisa from US
You can use Google Flights

Check Trenitalia for train schedule

Just use same day of week to check schedules-April 2025 schedule won’t be out til December this year

You’ll be taking the Pisa People Mover from airport to Pisa Centrale then a regional train to Lucca-no need to purchase in advance

Alternately you could hire a driver
Or spend one night in Pisa-flights are often delayed-you don’t want to be stranded!

It’s safe, just use smart traveler practices wherever you go

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The airports in order of proximity are: Pisa, Florence, Bologna and then much further out Milan, Venice and Rome. If traveling by train from anywhere other than Pisa getting to Lucca will involve probably a train to Florence and then a second train to Lucca as Florence is the nearest big city.

I agree staying at least one night in the city you land in always a safe bet and outside of maybe Pisa there is probably more travel than you may want to tackle just off an international flight. And obviously all of these cities have their own attractions and reasons you might want to spend some time seeing them before moving on.

Check Google Flights for your best options. I expect this will involve changing in Chicago or the New York area before getting into Europe but I'll admit I'm not familiar with the Boise flight options.

Have a great trip,

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From Boise, you are going to have to start with a flight to a major international airport to get a flight to Europe, and it would be direct to Pisa. So you are likely looking at 3 legs to your journey. Our adult kids live in Boise and generally fly to either Portland or Seattle to catch a Condor, Delta, or British Airways flight, or to Salt Lake City for Delta (I think). There might be other options with United as well.

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A bit more details and perspective for this trip needed for helpful answers.... Is Lucca the ONLY destination you wish to see in Italy or, do you plan on seeing more of the country?

Lucca is a fantastic place, been there a few times. SLC PDX or, SEA are your best airports to start your journey since they'll have more international flights; from there it's just a matter of finding which flights are appropriate for you. You will likely change planes at least once, flying into Rome or Milan is going to be the most common, taking the train is what most people utilize as they're seeing other parts of the country and Lucca is just a small part. You can also catch a commuter/regional into Pisa Airport (PSA).