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Travel tips.

I’ve asked how to get to Rome from Massa Lubrense but now have another question. If we want to go to Sorrento from Massa Lubrense how would we do it? There are restaurants we want to go but not sure how to get to them. Also, does anyone know if there are nice restaurants in Massa Lubrense?


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It isn't that far from Sorrento -- about 6kms or a bit more depending on exactly where you are going. Take a taxi directly to the restaurants or a bus to Sorrento. Or when you get there ask your hotel. You could almost walk it.

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I'm a little baffled by people asking "How do we get from here to there?" Google Maps will tell you exactly which bus or train to take, where to catch it, how long it takes to get there, basically everything you need to know.

For example, to get from Massa Lubrense to Sorrento, take the 5070 bus.,+Metropolitan+City+of+Naples,+Italy/Sorrento,+Metropolitan+City+of+Naples,+Italy/@40.6167521,14.3472609,15z/am=t/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x133b9c13d112484f:0x27e5b91084ddb962!2m2!1d14.3413852!2d40.6088754!1m5!1m1!1s0x133b99536dbf5b61:0x2644eb57abc0ce40!2m2!1d14.3757985!2d40.6262925!3e3

Sorry if I come across as insensitive. I guess not everyone is internet savvy.

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Google Maps is sometimes wrong.
People like to ask someone who has been there, just to be sure.

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And I can attest to google maps as being sometimes wrong. On a recent trip to Italy we stayed in a hill town that had a commuter train outside of Arrezo. Google maps said the train ran 2x per day and cost 8€ or some such nonsense. I could easily look up the train schedule and see that it ran hourly until late evening but I couldn’t quite figure out the pricing. When we got to our town we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it cost less than 2€ to get us in to Arezzo. Google maps is sometimes limited especially with the frequency of local bus and train times.

Maybe you are already there but I had to chime in because I lived in Massa for the summer last summer!
Yes, take the Sita bus to and from Sorrento. The stop is on the backside of the main train station in Sorrento. You'll see the bus stop sign. They aren't always on time, so be patient.
Restaurants- Ristorante da Michele is on the water, has great food, and is owned by the family I lived with! I ate there every day. Say hi to Enrica for me.


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Thank you Marilyn. We actually leave today for Italy. I’m very excited. Thanks for the information on the bus and the restaurant. We will definitely try it.


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If you edit the topic name to something more specific than "Travel tips" (a name which applies to every post, right?) you'll be more likely to get helpful eyes on it. Something like "Massa Lubrense - restaurants and how to get there," for example.

Good luck.