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travel ideas for 9 days in Rome?

My husband and I are going to visit our daughter who is studying right outside of Rome. We will fly in and out from Rome. We had just planned on staying in Rome and doing day trips. However, now that our daughter is there she says we need to spend the night at some other locations to avoid the back and forth and not really getting to enjoy the area we might visit. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I spent 10 days in Rome in 2005. Overnight trips are easy to do. I would suggest an overnight (or two nights) in Tuscany (we went to Assisi) and perhaps 2 nights in Chinque Terra. Chinque Terra is about a 4-5 hour train ride from Rome (if I remember correctly). We spent only 1 night there and felt rushed. Assisi is 2-3 hours by train from Rome.

I would have liked to do more trips from Rome but we were on a budget and had free lodging in the city.


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I'm with Kent. I'm sure your daughter will have share some great insights of Rome! I would day-trip (as you feel necessary) to Orvieto, Tivoli, Ostia Antica ... and or even Florence - we do that often (1.5 hours each way on Eurostar).

But again, as Kent and Ann have said, you can easily find 9 days of "stuff to see and experience" in Rome!

Good Luck!
Ciao, Ron

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Thanks for the suggestions. I had to go out of town right after I wrote and am just now getting back to read the comments. Do you think Venice is out of the question? or maybe from Florence?

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It depends. If you want to see Florence (or further north), I'd suggest an overnight so you have time to enjoy the city & see a couple major sights. If not, I'd do day trips. When I was there in April, I took day trip to Herculaneum & Pompei by IC train & really enjoyed it. Plan on a full day for Vatican Museum & St peter's basilica.

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Florence is probably as far as you should go for a day trip. Venice is another 4 or 5 hours away.

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The places Ron has suggested are easy day trips from Rome, and all are great places to visit. Venice is 4.5 hours each way, so it only makes sense as an overnight trip. Venice might even work in combination with Florence - early train to Florence (1.5 hours), spend day in Florence, late afternoon/early evening train to Venice (3 hours), spend next day in Venice, evening train to Rome (4.5 hours). It would be a very busy 2 days, but you could see a lot. Sorrento with a stop in Pompeii on the way either to or from would be another good overnight trip (3.5 to 4 hours each way).