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Travel from Venice to Rome

Hi, I want to know the best way to get from Venice (Santa Lucia) to Rome, as this is my first time to Italy I just want confirm what I am reading in posts. I can see there is a direct train between both cities train FR9437. Can someone confirm this or provide me with best route to take.

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Take any direct train at the time you want. The direct train numbers will differ based on the time.

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Hi. Look at website, use Venezia SL and Roma, you will see there are direct trains once an hour. There is also a competing company Italo that provides similar service. Have a great trip!

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Italo’s website is a bit more user-friendly, and their trains are very nice. And their conductor was ver;y kind and helpful to us when we mistakenly boarded the wrong train out of Bologna.

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Remember it is the train number that you look for, not the train destination.
Your Vennice-Rome train might have Naples as its destination.
So look for the train number on the departures board at Venice.

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A quick check of schedule suggests two to three trains an hour -- about four hours depending on train. Don't know what you mean by "best way." Just pick a departure time that meets your schedule. Personally I would go late morning arriving in Rome in mid-pm. Pack a bottle of wine and light picnic lunch and enjoy the ride.

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Thank you for these helpful responses.

Is this difficult with six people and luggage? We're flying into Venice staying for a few days and then headed to Rome. Any helpful suggestions?

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Hello vintagemorning and welcome to the forum!

As long as each person can handle their own luggage it’s not difficult
Hopefully you are all traveling light-